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September 28, 2006
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ThumbJr Trade: Brimm and Kei by EiffelArt ThumbJr Trade: Brimm and Kei by EiffelArt

[whine]omgawrd!!! Rain effects are SOOOO hard [/complain].

All joking aside, I think I was able to pull off anime cel looking rain. Also, I hope I got the characters right, Brimm. ^w^;;; It was a rocky style transition from yours to mine, but it looks like they survived. >w> *hopes*

At any rate, it was fun, as always, to learn how to do a new thing. I tried to make it look as cute as I could, without it being stereotypically anime-omgcute. ^^;

Please enjoy!

Brimm and Kei are (c)

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ahhh, your cell shading is so nice! Even the rain!

you drew and colored the characters great, they're so adorable x3x :heart:

Pretty fresh atmosphere, almost touchable mourishing feeling of rain and all the green plants.
wow. that's crazy how well you pulled off the rain effect.

I <432 MATT.
ThumbJr Oct 2, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG. You are my hero, Matt.:heart:

The rainy forest background was so worth all the toil and effort. This pic in itself is just the ultimate awesome. Now I'm going to have to work tens times harder on my end to make something worthy of trading for this~. How do you do such things so quickly, yet so well? *jealous*

But, yesh, they survived transition, and then some~. Brim looks much more beefier and prettier than I usually draw him and Kei is just so.... love~~.:heart: The makeshift Totoro-esque leaf umbrella they're both under is a nice touch as well. I'm totally loving the whole composition~~ *babbles on excitedly like some kid in a candystore* X3

I'm glad you like it, sir. ^-^

OverlordJC Sep 29, 2006   Filmographer
I was just gonna ask you how you did this one... but matt beat me to it:nod:

That is Uber amazing ( this is why your one of my inspirational artists:nod: )
IreneKoh Sep 29, 2006  Professional
all your pieces look like professional cel-work. ;____; ♥♥
When's our wedding ;_______;!

Matsu-sensei Sep 29, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waaaahhh... you do such a great job on making effects look exactly like anime screenshots. *__* Most people I've seen just draw rain, but you did the blurry wetness that really gives it atmosphere. :)
Here's the trick~ (took me a friggin' hour to figure out, but it's soooo simple. ~_~)

After you finish the pic, flatten all the layers down. Copy the layer, and then use a gaussean blur filter on ther top layer. Reduce the opacity of the blurred layer and BAM, instant haze/rain/rawr.

Also be sure to highlight the white areas with a bit of airbrush (20~40% opacity) and stab in a few dashes to make some of the rain seem like it's in focus.

It only takes a few seconds to do, but it can get you pretty darn close to an anime cel look. ^^

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