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Hi guys!

Wanted to let everyone know that I'm booking commissions for November now and also taking advanced orders for the holidays. Click this link to access my commissions page!

Important to note that last part as scheduling can be hectic around late December and I want to get it all sorted as early as possible. (: SO, if you want to get someone some awesome art from me this year as a present, book early! Thanks!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE - I'm also offering $20 portrait commissions ($30 for a couple's portrait) - These make awesome gifts and don't take forever to make, so there's a good chance if you order one now, you'll get it in less than a week! DETAILS HERE:

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. (:

In other news, I'm currently working on a couple of new pieces - Most notably a Mega Man piece for a Mega Man 25th Anniversary tribute show (details to come soon!) as well as a Skyward Sword piece focusing on the ancient dragon guardians (drawing giant things is a passion of mine haha).

What else? Ah, all the usual stuff, really! I'm always blabbin' on twitter (EiffelArt) and posting new things on tumblr ( so catch me there, if you like!

We're heading into the epic freeze here in Canada. I hope everyone else stays warm and safe this winter!
Matt - EiffelArt

July Commissions! Bluenose Books!

Fri Jun 29, 2012, 10:59 AM

Hello there!

Do you like comics? If you do, you're in luck! You can contribute to my IndieGoGo campaign and get a fantastic new minicomic by me! WOW! The more you give, the better the rewards, so give it a look, if you like! I'd really appreciate it. (: CLICK THIS LINK TO CHECK IT OUT

Also of note, I'm opening commission slots for July~ Book early! Book often! Get some art! Click the banner above this journal for all the info and send me an email to get started, today.

Has this summer been insanely hot for anyone else? I feel like I'm melting right now. D:
Matt - EiffelArt


First order of business: I have a couple of slots left for commissions! Get 'em while they're hot!

Nextly, I've started up an IndieGoGo campaign for my new Bluenose Minicomic + trip to the Small Press Expo in September!

For those who might live nearby Bethesda, Maryland, it's going to be September 15-16 and an absolute BLAST. All your fave webcomic folk will be there and I hope to join them! For more info on SPX, head here:

If you'd like to contribute to the campaign (and get TONS of awesome stuff in return), head on over to the page here:…


June Commissions! SUMMER IS HERE

Thu May 31, 2012, 3:43 PM


You guys! SUMMER IS HERE! ...Like, more or less?

Well, it's warm where I live,  at least. It really nice. Great weather for getting outside with a sketchbook and making some things.

Speaking of making things, June commissions are TOTALLY OPEN NOW! Whoa! Let's make art, together, you and I. I'm sure you all have amazing ideas/characters waiting to be drawn so just send me an email (eiffelart at gmail dot com) with the subject line COMMISSION and let's get started! (:

Ahhh! Art! I have so many amazing things to tell you about soon. I wish I didn't have to keep so many art secrets, but the projects are kinda hush hush for now.

I will say that I will have a Bluenose mini comic available to purchase super soon! :0 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Oh dang. Whoa. Like, WHOA! I'll be setting up an IndieGoGo soon to get it funded. Right now, it's sitting here on my computer begging to be read by all you guys and your friends. It's...Dang, it's really cute. And rather epic, too, if I may be so bold!

More on that later! Stay tuned!
Matt - EiffelArt

P.S. WHO ELSE WATCHES KORRA? LET'S JUST TALK ABOUT HOW DANG GREAT THAT SHOW IS, OK? No spoilers in the comments, obviously, but man. Geez! It's so great, right? I love everything about it. (fanart soon)

May Commissions and TCAF IS HERE!!!

Sun Apr 29, 2012, 5:38 PM

Commissions are now open for May! Book early and book often! Give me money and I will make ALL the art for you. This is one of the good parts of life!

For commission info, click the picture above this journal and then send me an email (eiffelart at gmail dot com - Subject line "COMMISSION") and let's make something amazing together.


Who's coming to TCAF? Is it YOU? I'd very much like to meet you!

Where: Toronto Reference Library in Toronto, Canada

When: May 5th and 6th

How much: IT'S FREE! AHHHH!!!

Who: Me!!! (and about a hundred zillion very talented people)

I won't be tabling this year, but I'll be bugging all my friends who are. I'll also be wandering around, seeing the sights and attempting to get as many free drinks as I possibly can.

I'll also have a tiny sketchbook with me and, if you find me, I would be happy to draw Bluenose for you! ♥ ART!

Spring is here and everything is amazing!
Matt - EiffelArt



AHHH It's FINALLY getting warmer. I love it. I missed it. So much!

Now, let's get fired up: I'm at the end of my March commission list and I'm opening the doors for April commission bookings! Book now! Book early! Get ALL the art! Simply send an email to eiffelart at gmail dot com after checking out the commission info (or by clicking the link above this journal!) wooooo

In other art news, my new Earthbound illustration is up! I wasn't able to find a way to smoosh Mother 3 into the mix but I'm planning a separate illustration for that game so be at ease~ Not sure yet whether it'll be a happy or sad picture yet. Help me decide? It's a pretty emotional game!

Special announcement!

I'll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year - If you'd like to meet me, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! If you're near Toronto or are planning to be in the area during the weekend of May 5-6, FIND ME! I'll definitely be tweeting about where I am and I'm pretty easy to spot anyway.

Man, super psyched to meet you all! If you shove some paper at me, I will totally draw Bluenose on whatever. Try it! It's quite cool.

Hope you're all feelin' good,
Matt - EiffelArt


Hello all!

Wanted to let everyone know that I'm now booking commissions for March! For more info, you can click on the link above this journal or click RIGHT HERE~! woohoo!

In other art news, I'm nearly done with an interesting Nedroid boss illustration (which will get posted up here as soon as it's done~!) and I'm also weighing some ideas between an Earthbound or Mother 3 fanart. What would you all like to see? I'll put up a poll once this journal goes up so you can vote for you preference! (:

EDIT: Hey! Does anyone have info on the chronology of the Mother series? Is there even such a thing or is it mostly guesswork? Hmm! If you know, let me know.

Keep warm! Winter's almost over (I hope)!
Matt - EiffelArt

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Jan 12, 2012, 12:43 PM

Hello folks!

Wanted to update my journal with current commission status so that those of you wanting one can plan accordingly! (:

As of right now I am booked until early-to-mid February. If you have a Valentines commission that is small (two or less characters, minimal background) I might be able to fit it in before the 14th - Shoot me an email (after checking out the commission link above this journal) if you're interested. (: non-Valentines commissions, I will continue to book for after the 14th.

ALSO, if I were to sell Valentines on my print store ( ) what would you like to see? Certain characters? Hmm! I'll try to get a Bluenose one up for sure.

Stay warm you guys! And if you live somewhere warm, send me some! Brrrrr
Matt - Eiffel


Wheee~ SO COLD


I am writing this from under 4000 blankets. Please send help!

Business stuff first - November commissions are OPEN FOR BOOKING! Book early and book often to get all the art your mind can conjure. Character designs/scene illustration for roleplaying, Pokemon/Fakemon battles, some cute chibis runnin' around or a present for the upcoming holidays!

My sale is still ongoing so please click the commission image at the top of the journal and get an email to me ASAP. (: Thanks and I look very forward to seeing what you come up with this month.

Related: November 22nd is my birthday - My one b-day wish is to have lots and lots of work this month! haha LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN, GUYS.

Also, for those of you who've asked me about prints, I've put up some of my boss illustrations here:

-=Other things=-

For my latest picture, Pokemon: Boss Overdrive by EiffelArt , I decided to livestream some of the colouring process. You can see those videos here: and I'd recommend bookmarking it for future streams, too! I'll be trying it out more often on the next few pieces.

And that brings me to what to make next! I think I'll hold off on Boss Illustrations for a little while and focus on individual scenes in some of my favorite games (Like Pokemon: Victini's Volley by EiffelArt FFVII: The Guard Scorpion by EiffelArt Chrono Trigger: Dragon Tank by EiffelArt ). Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by, as always!
Matt - EiffelArt

Commission Super Sale! + Prints~!

Mon Oct 3, 2011, 9:33 AM

Heya everyone!

Edited for clarity:

COMMISSION SALE~! Base rate: Full body $40 Half-body $35 - Additional characters: Full-body $10 Half-body $7 I'll give some sweet discounts if you buy a bunch of individual character portraits or busts, too! (: What else...Oh! I love you.

Click on the fancy new Commissions banner above this journal to get started. Thanks to all who order a commission! ♥

ALSO, for those who want to support/help me but don't have enough $$ for commissions: I have prints available! They're really amazing looking. And if you have a Society6 account, feel free to add me there and help promote my work! Thanks~

I have 4 new non-commission artworks coming to dA soon, as well! If you want to follow along with their progress, I'll be posting screenshots on my tumblr as well as having livestreams from time to time! Woo!

Hope you're all enjoying Fall so far! *sips hot cocoa*

Stay warm,
Matt - EiffelArt

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Hi, guys!

Great news - I'm now selling prints of the Boss Illustrations. So many requests for these, I hope you like them and paste 'em all over your walls! (: You can buy them here:

I think I'll make new header images for my journal later so that you can always find them easily.

But yeah - As the year winds down, I'll be winding up MANY more prints for the store, as well as iPhone cases and laptop skins! And not just art that is cropped, either - FOR REAL specific art that'll make your friends totally jealous!

In commission news, I'm now booking commissions for October! Do you have Halloween or spooky art in mind? Something with bright fall colours? Let me know! Click the commissions button at the top of this journal or click here: Thanks for your continued support~!

And that's it for now. I've started assembling a list of games to pick for the next Boss Illustration - If you have a suggestion, let me know below!

Matt - EiffelArt

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Hello hello and HELLO!

Ahhhhh FALL IS HERE. Thank frig! I was getting pretty bored with unbearable heat and humidity. Now is the time for fiery leaves, crunchy walks and so many scarves. All the scarves.


Did you know that I'm about to start my newest Boss Illustration. This time I've picked one of my absolute favorite games and I can't wait to begin sketching panel ideas. Would you like to know which game I picked? You would??? Well, bless you!

Super Mario RPG! Wooo!!!

I can't fit in every boss I'd like to but wowwie wow are there ever a LOT that will be in there! ;D

As always, you can follow its progress (and, indeed, so many of my other silly sketches and things) over at


Commissions are being booked RIGHT NOW for late September/early October! Get in on the fun! The Commissions link above will give you all the details you need~

Thanks for checking out my gallery and I hope you enjoy the stuff I come up with next! Bye bye for now~!
Matt - EiffelArt

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Friends! Deviants! Lend me your ears~

Hi! How've you all been?  (:

First off, I'm WIDE OPEN for commission booking in August! Are you super excited? Me too. Me too. I'm looking forward to working on all of your amazing characters/scenes/ideas in the coming month. Don't forget to book early to get your artwork first!

My commission page is currently under construction (so please instead just send me an email at eiffelart at gmail dot com! and I'll get right back to you) (EDIT: It's fixed! CHECK IT OUT~~~ ) which leads me to my next point...

BOOM BLAM BANG-O! I'm making my tumblr into my full-on webspace! As of tonight, you can head there to get all the latest sketches and in-progress work as well as finished pieces to spread about the net. It's fun and fantastic! go to and follow me, please and thanks!

I've had a blast over the past few days, releasing progress shots of my brand new *hold for suspense* OCARINA OF TIME boss illustration!!! Woooooow whaaaat!? Yeah, you might want to see what's up over there. I'll, of course, be posting the big bad final version here at DeviantArt but in the meantime... (:

I'm always looking for fun and interesting bosses to work on down the line so definitely put forth any suggestions you may have, here~ There's so many to choose from! (for example, I'd really like to tackle a MegaMan one but I'm on the fence as to which...)

I'm also looking into selling a limited run of Boss Illustration prints! They'd be very...VERY large and immensely pretty so I'm figuring out the logistics of that, now. Psyched that I saved all the high-res versions of those. ♥

Thanks for stopping by, as always, and I'll see you around very soon with a shiny new Zelda Boss Illustration!
Matt - EiffelArt

P.S. OH! You guys, my comic Bluenose is currently 200+ pages deep and in its 3rd chapter. I'm currently on a 2-week hiatus so now would be a good time to catch up!

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Heya everyone!

Brief business blurb - COMMISSIONS are OPEN for July and this final week of June! Yay~ Book early to get a good spot. Get me to draw something insane/pretty/cool! (:

Next up: what should I put up for summer art here at dA? I have two new pieces planned but I'd love to hear what YOU'D like to see! Let me know in the comments~

Talk to you again soon!
Matt - EiffelArt

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Oho! Time for another journal~!

It's ALMOST SUMMER you guys. Trees are bustin' out left and right, grass is being mowed and I no longer have to wear 75 layers while working. Hooray!

Commission stuff!!!

Oh baby! It's time to get a fun-in-the-sun summertime commission - Now accepting advanced bookings for the end of May as well as June! As always, check out commission info by clicking the link at the top of this journal~ I'm pumped to make you something you'll love! (:

Now, let's see...What else is new...Oh!

Well, at the time of this journal writing, I'm doodling some Eiffel-ised designs for a certain spiky-haired redhead and his bespectacled companion. Be on the lookout for the results of said messing around here in the gallery! I'll also be posting sketches as I go - You can check those out over at my tumblr - woo hoo!

See you soon, with a time-travelling piece of art~
Matt - EiffelArt

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Heya everyone!

A few quick things:

1) I have 3 open commission slots left in April. Grab yourself some fab new art for the spring!

2) May is open for commissions! Book now and get yours earlier.

3) The first chapter of Bluenose is coming to a close! Check it out at or by clicking on the banner above. (:


5) Ahhh it's finally starting to warm up out there. And I do mean finally - I thought this winter would never end.

6) Hope you're enjoying all the boss fights! There's many more (as well as a few surprises) coming up before the year is over!

I hope you're all doing well - Keep on the look-out for more art coming up really soon~
Matt - EiffelArt

March + April Commissions!

Sat Mar 12, 2011, 10:34 PM
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Hello, everyone!

First of all, big thanks to everyone who's now following me on tumblr - Hope you're enjoying the sketches and such! I'll try to post more and more in the coming months. (: - It's if you haven't jumped over there, yet!


Winter bills kinda whomped my butt this year so I'm looking for more commissions than ever before to make to through to spring - Prices and info, as always, are listed past the Commission link at the top of this journal! March is currently booked until the 20th, so get your emails to eiffelart at early so you can get some great art! Hooray!

And finally, THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who's been checking in at over the past 5 months! I'm pretty proud that I've never missed an update yet and I do feel that I'm getting a tiny bit better at making comic-style pictures. If you've never read any of it, check it out! There are over 100 pages of silly, random goodness to see~

Hope you're all braced for more Pokemon/Videogame/Nintendo art, as well, 'cause there's a lot in the pipeline! Look forward to it.
Matt - EiffelArt

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Hey all!

Couple of quick things:
Fist of all, I announced the subject of my next Nintendo Boss Illustration - You can find out here!… GET EXCITED FOR IT

And, in business news, March commissions are wide open! Please direct all of your brilliant ideas to eiffelart at gmail dot com and let's make it happen!

SPECIAL OFFER - I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect, recently, and I'm really impressed by the amount of customization you can achieve when developing Shepard's appearance. For the low, low price of $20 (and a screenshot of your Shepard), I'll create a bust portrait in a sexy anime style! email me to get started!

Have a great March Break!
Matt - Eiffel

Tumblin' away~

Sun Feb 13, 2011, 3:32 PM
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  • Watching: Fairy Tail

Hey guys! Happy Valentines Eve!

Wanted to let you know that, if you want to see sketches, random ideas and such you can check out my Tumblr account!


I just posted up some Nintendo Valentines which are both terrible AND hastily drawn. So yeah. Check it out! (:

Also! I have two commission slots left for February - Click the Commission link above for info on how to get that going♥

Back to work on the Mario Boss Overdrive for me. Keep on the look-out for it!

February Commissions -400k edit!-

Wed Jan 12, 2011, 9:50 AM
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EDIT - Wow! four hundred thousand pageviews! Thank you infinitely to everyone who stops by my page - You all rock, equally.

Heya guys!

Just wanted to say a few things very quickly:

1) I'm moving this weekend and it's taking up a lot of my focus - If you've sent along a commission request in the last week or so, today is the day I'm catching up on replying so thank you for being patient! There should be a reply to your inquiries by tonight. (:

2) February commissions are about half-booked - There is ONE MORE SLOT before Valentines so if you have a sweetie that might like some of my art, book now~ Thanks!

3)You're looking very nice today.

Once I'm settled into my new place things will return to normality. I am very much looking forward to this. It seems like I move way more than I should! haha

Have a fantastic day!
Matt - EiffelArt